How to Keep Dangerous Pests Away From Your New Jersey Home

At last, New Jersey is starting to thaw out from another harsh winter. Although we all may be eager to enjoy the warm weather, we have to take precautions as tick and mosquito season approaches. These pests spread dangerous diseases.

Zika Virus is carried by mosquitoes, and while people rarely show symptoms, it has been linked to major birth defects. Lyme Disease, on the other hand, is spread by ticks, and can range in severity. From aches and pains to extreme fatigue, Lyme Disease can be debilitating.

Dog with tick on nose.

How To Protect Your Family

There are many things you can do to keep mosquitos and ticks away from your home. When indoors, consider using air conditioning, investing in window screens or mosquito netting and wear long sleeves/pants when you go outside.

  • Decaying logs and leaves also attract insects, so make sure to clear away any of this debris from your home. Regular attention from a lawn care service will ensure that your yard is free of insect-attracting debris.


  • Because mosquitoes lay their eggs in and around standing water, it is important that you have an efficient irrigation system that allows you to water your lawn without creating an insect breeding ground.


  • The most effective pest prevention method is to treat your home with an all-inclusive defense system. All Wet offers a pest treatment plan that covers the perimeter of your home, yard and pest-harboring areas between trees and shrubs. We know exactly when to treat your yard (based on the temperature outside and how wet your lawn is) in order to maximize effectiveness!

While you may be more concerned about immediate summer hazards like sunburns and swimmer’s ear, it’s important to protect against the dangers that can be found right in your backyard. If you are considering a mosquito and tick protection treatment for the upcoming season, give All Wet a call at (973)-366-4170. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!