Don’t Let Grubs Destroy Your New Jersey Lawn

Don’t gamble with grubs. These critters, which are the larvae of Japanese beetles or European chafers, eat grass roots that lead to dead patches of lawn. You won’t notice the grub damage until the spring, where those brown patches don’t green up like the rest of your property.

Make your yard more even and green with good grub control & prevention services.

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How to Know if You Have a Grub Problem

Grubs leave evidence of their destruction. As you know, brown patches are one indicator that you have grubs. Here are five other signs of a grub infestation:

  1. You have a lot of raccoon and skunk activity around those brown patches.
  2. You have many birds foraging for food in that area during the day.
  3. When you walk on these brown patches, it feels spongy, and you know that your irrigation line isn’t leaking.
  4. You can pull up the brown patches like pieces of carpet.
  5. You can count up to 10 or more white or gray C-shape larvae in one square foot of lawn.

All Wet Lawn Care’s Grub Control Solution

If you have a grub problem, you need us at All Wet Lawn Care. We have a four-step process for getting rid of grubs:

  • One of our lawn care professionals will inspect your property for grub activity.
  • Then, the lawn care professional will put down grub control treatment. We apply grub control right before the beetle eggs turn into larvae, which occurs in the spring or summer. Our grub control treatments are safe for lawns.
  • Your lawn care professional will instruct you on watering the grub control into the soil.
  • Your lawn care professional will reseed that area to replace the dead grass.

Your All Wet lawn care professional will also apply a grub preventative so that beetles don’t lay eggs on that area of your lawn again.

Without a doubt, your New Jersey yard can be free of grubs when you call us at (973) 366-8754 or by filling out our contact form.