Get Practical Irrigation Solutions in NJ

You probably deal with a lot of inconveniences regarding your irrigation system that you might have just accepted for a while, because there wasn’t a readily apparent fix. Maybe your watering is redundant some days or you experience a lot of water waste because you have a large yard.

At All Wet, we offer products targeted to minimize these problems and help to make irrigation the easy process it should be.

The solution for better efficiency and convenience for your irrigation system can be as simple as a new irrigation product.

Smart Irrigation & WiFi Controller

Regular controllers serve their purpose, but there are inefficiencies that can be improved upon.

Smart irrigation saves water and simplifies the watering process. You may have tried timers in the past, but smart irrigation is different. Using information from forecasts, sensors and specific databases, a wifi controller can help you water your plants at the right time and lower your water bill.

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Rain Sensors

This is a really simple addition that you can have installed quickly without any extra training on how it works. As soon as your sensor absorbs the first raindrops, it turns off your sprinkler system.

Drip Irrigation

With drip irrigation, the water goes directly to the roots of your grass. This minimizes evaporation, maximizes nutrient/fertilizer absorption and stops excess watering. It also helps significantly reduce drift, which is when water is transported by wind onto pavement, wasting it.

Choose All Wet For Reliable Irrigation Solutions

The right solution is the one that solves your problem without creating new ones. Our qualified experts will provide an installation for your new irrigation product, which combined with the warranty, means extra reliability. Saving water and time is really just that easy.