We Get Your Spring Irrigation Checklist Completed

If the freezing temperatures are over in NJ, it’s time to think about giving some TLC to your irrigation system. If you simply start up your system with no preparation, you will run into damage of the pipes or other parts. All Wet Irrigation has got the ultimate checklist to get you ready for spring and a fresh green lawn.

There are many steps to an irrigation system startup, but we will do every single one.

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Step-by-Step to Flawless Irrigation

We follow all the necessary protocol to protect your irrigation system and lawn. We also take extra effort to identify any problems that occurred during the winter and fix them.

Step 1: Slow Fill

Water must start flowing through the pipes slowly. Our specialists are trained to gently open the main water valve in order to avoid damage.

Step 2: Proper Activation

Every part of the operation must be checked in advance before use. The zones will all be activated from the controller.

Step 3: Proper Performance

Here is the step where a professional is needed most. Our team has inspected hundreds of irrigation systems all over NJ and knows how each part of the system should perform. Water pressure, rotation and sprinkler heads are a few things that will be inspected.

Step 4: Reprogramming

Once everything is checked, the controller will be programmed for watering, and the backup battery is replaced if necessary.

Pair Spring Startups With Winterization

Good winterization in the fall will make the process of spring startup much easier. In fact, if you avoid getting winterization for your system, you will probably be facing a few repairs during a spring startup.

Get Ready For Your Spring Lawn Today

You can jump back into irrigating your lawn quickly with our spring startup services. If your lawn is looking a little lackluster after this winter, we also offer extensive lawn care services.