Keep Our Northern NJ Water Supply Clean – Schedule Your Backflow Inspection Today!

We all want to enjoy clean water, and keeping the water supply clean is everyone’s responsibility. All Wet Irrigation & Lighting can help you do your part with a backflow inspection to make sure your backflow preventer is functioning properly. We are a Certified Backflow Installer and Inspector and provide a full range of backflow prevention services including installation, inspection and repair. We are Northern NJ’s choice for both residential and commercial backflow services.

What is a backflow preventer? A backflow prevention device is a valve that is located on the main waterline to keep the water flowing in the correct direction. It prevents contaminated water from your water usage from flowing back and polluting the public water supply. New Jersey codes require annual inspection of backflow prevention devices by All Wet or another Certified Backflow Inspector.

All Wet is experienced and qualified to inspect all types of backflow prevention devices, including:

  • PVB’s – Pressure Vacuum Breakers
  • RPZ’s – Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies
  • DCVA’s – Double Check Valve Assemblies


When you choose All Wet for your backflow inspection and services, you can expect:

  • Unsurpassed expertise
  • Quality products and installations
  • Professional, prepared technicians
  • Accessible customer support
Do you have questions about backflow preventer devices or inspection requirements? Don’t wait! Give us a call at 973-366-8754 or contact our team and one of our water systems experts will be happy to answer any of your questions.