Lawn Sprinkler System Winterization Service in New Jersey

Lawn Sprinklers must be winterized or blown out each fall to remove all the water from the pipes, sprinkler heads, sprinkler valves and the back-flow device. If your irrigation system is not shut down properly the water will freeze and damage your lawn sprinkler system. Repairs to irrigation systems that have frozen can be costly. To prevent this from happening, please call All Wet Irrigation & Lighting to have your lawn irrigation system properly winterized.


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Why Use All Wet Irrigation & Lighting to winterize your Lawn sprinkler system?

  1. All Wet Irrigation & Lighting guarantees its work.
  2. All Wet Irrigation & Lighting is trusted, honest, fair, affordable and has been in business for almost 40 years.
  3. All of our service are trained, background checked and uniformed.
  4. Our sprinkler repair men wear protective shoe coverings to keep you clean.
  5. We use commercial grade high volume compressors that are set at 80 PSI so that we do not damage your lawn sprinkler system or home.
  6. Our trucks are specially outfitted for winterizations with over 250 feet of air hose so that we can winterize most systems without parking in driveways.
  7. We have a fully staffed office that will answer your calls (no voicemail’s).
  8. We offer 3 hour service windows starting at 7:30 am and we can most often accommodate tighter windows if your busy schedule requires.
  9. Our sprinkler technicians call when they are on the way if requested.
  10. We are licensed and fully insured to protect you.
  11. We can winterize and brand system including Hunter, Toro, Rainbird, Weathermatic, etc.
  12. We invoice our customers and also accept credit cards so that you don’t always have to be home.
  13. We send out email and postcard reminders and we follow up with a phone call if we have not heard from you.
  14. Our Lawn sprinkler pricing is very competitive.

As a general guideline, you should winterize your system at least a week before the first forecasted freeze. Before the first strong freeze, drain or blow out your pipes using an air compressor. Some of the most important components of a sprinkler system might be destroyed if the temperature drops below freezing. Keep watch on the local weather forecasts for the first freeze of the year.

Turn off the irrigation system’s water supply and properly winterize your sprinkler system. Your irrigation system’s primary shut-off valve must be insulated against freezing. Any above-ground pipe should also be insulated. It’s acceptable to use self-sticking foam insulating tape or foam insulating tubes from a home supply store.

Not all systems require water to be forced out of them. If all of your irrigation lines are buried on a downhill slope, turn off your system’s main water supply and open the drain valves at the end of each zone. Replace the caps and open the stop and waste valves, as well as the valves on the backflow device, to drain any residual water.

If you have a high-end sprinkler system with integrated pumps for automated draining, you should follow the operation manual’s particular recommendations for your system. Typically, this operation is started through the control panel. Your irrigation specialist will be able to tell you if your system needs to be blown out during winterization.