Beautify Your Home While Saving Energy

Professional landscape lighting can improve property aesthetics, create visual interest and increase safety and security. And with today’s LED lighting technology, you can have a wide range of color and brightness, high durability and long lifespan, all at a low energy cost.

When it comes to landscape lighting, there are a lot of ways to customize it to your preferences.

All of our outdoor lighting systems are 100% LED, feature high quality waterproof connections and marine grade zinc coated wire. We can enhance your residential or commercial property easily with our highly customizable, expert landscape lighting services backed by strong warranties.

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Outdoor & Landscape Lighting Services

Every lighting repair and installation you need can be accomplished with our outdoor & landscape lighting services. We even do conversions to LED lighting, which is an extremely versatile technology that lasts a lifetime. It has lower energy usage than conventional lighting. Any new system we install will also use LED bulbs for those reasons.

Landscape Lighting Solutions

You have come to the right place to receive landscape lighting solutions that fulfill your exact needs. We have no shortage of options when it comes to lighting for any part of your yard. You have choices for:

  • Placement

  • Color

  • Timers

  • Special Effects

  • Smart Lighting

If you have an idea, we can help you achieve it. We are capable of simple setups like path lighting or something with a little more drama, like tree lighting.

Landscape Lighting Warranty

Our lighting products and services are backed by strong warranties. We believe in honest service and fulfilled promises. Our warranties are not just offered but honored as well.

All Wet Lighting is licensed, insured and experienced. We’re the choice for friendly and professional landscape lighting service in Northern NJ.