Deck & Patio Lighting for Your Northern New Jersey Home

You count on your home’s curb appeal to provide a welcoming environment and help to maintain your investment’s value. Like landscaping, exterior lighting contributes to a pleasant, safe and effective outdoor experience for both residents and visitors alike. When the sun goes down, there’s nothing more comfortable than a well-lit home. With All Wet’s low-voltage LED lighting options for your deck or patio, you can highlight all of the aspects that make your home truly unique. Some of the many advantages to an All Wet exterior lighting installation:

Visual Appeal
The right lighting can accent your home’s most visually striking architecture and landscaping, increasing your property value.

Expanding Your Day
When your deck or patio is well lit, you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors with your family. Whether cooking, playing, or just relaxing, All Wet can help you customize a stylish and entertaining atmosphere.

Low Maintenance
With an expert installation by our licensed, experienced and trained electricians, your problems are reduced to the change of a light bulb. Anything beyond that is covered by the lifetime warranties on all of our LED light fixtures.

Energy Savings
LED lighting systems use 80% less energy and last 40 times longer than their old halogen counterparts. Because of their low energy usage, wires and transformers can support over twice the number of light fixtures than in the past.

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