Northern NJ Hardscape Lighting Experts

Enjoying your patio this summer? Whether you already have a patio, or are anxiously awaiting for your new pool installation to be complete, it’s time to give some thought to the lighting around your hardscape area. While we often want to focus on the actual patio, the lighting around your hardscape area is extremely important. All Wet Irrigation & Lighting of Northern NJ will design and install your hardscape lights to create your desired look for nighttime use.


What’s the purpose of hardscape lighting?

When our technicians help you design your hardscape lighting, we will keep in mind several goals of landscape lighting:

  • Setting a mood

  • Highlighting features

  • Lighting areas for usability, such as outdoor kitchens or seating areas

  • Safety

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What Are My Lighting Placement Options?

Our lighting experts will offer different types of outdoor lighting to achieve each of these goals. We also make recommendations regarding placement of your lighting, and consider each area around your hardscape, including:

  • Pool decking

  • Pathways to and from your pool

  • Landscape elements

  • Seating and gathering areas