Improve Your New Jersey Property with Lawn Aeration Services

Without a doubt, your New Jersey lawn will be healthier with core aeration. Aeration relieves compacted soil giving the ground the ability to breathe as well as take in nutrients and water.

You should aerate your New Jersey lawns once every year or two. If you noticed these two symptoms in your yard, it needs core aeration:

  • Soil compaction – The soil compacts due to heavy foot traffic, the type of soil as well as the rigors of summer heat. You’ll know if your soil is compacted if it feels rock hard underneath your feet.
  • Thatch – Thatch is the layer between the soil line and live grass above. Thatch consists of dead grass roots, stems, and other debris. 

Some turfgrass varieties are more prone to thatch than other types. Too much thatch harbors turfgrass diseases provide a home for pests and keep your yard grass from getting the nutrients and water it needs.

It is necessary to get lawn aeration services for a healthy yard whenever your soil becomes compacted.

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How Core Aeration Relieves Soil Compaction and Thatch

When we use an aerator on your lawn, it’ll pull up small plugs of soil and other debris. Once it rains or you turn on your lawn irrigation system, those plugs dissolve back into the soil, providing some added nutrition to it.

The ground will be able to release carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen, allowing the beneficial microorganisms underground to thrive. Core aeration also enables the soil to receive grass seed, fertilization, moisture, and light.

Why Core Aeration Isn’t a DIY Job

While you may love working on your lawn, aerating it isn’t a DIY job. Granted, you can rent an aerator at your favorite big box store. However, a rented aerator might not be able to pull up plugs of soil. Instead, it might only puncture holes in the ground.

At All Wet Lawn Care, we overseed your lawn at the same time that we aerate it. If you decide to aerate your yard, you’ll also have to rent a machine to place seed right in those holes.

Save yourself time, energy and money. Let us aerate and overseed your New Jersey lawn so that you can enjoy your dense, green grass afterward.

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