Improve the Health of Your Lawn With Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn aeration services are critical to proper lawn care. The right time to start depends on the type of grass you have. For example, the end of spring in Northern NJ is ideal for warm season grass such as Buffalo or Bermuda. Early spring or even fall is a good time for cool season grass such as Kentucky bluegrass or ryegrass.

It is necessary to get lawn aeration services for a healthy yard whenever your soil becomes compacted.

But no matter what kind of grass yours is, lawn aeration will make a huge difference in its health. All Wet Lawn Care will take care of this process for you with our professional equipment.

Why Have Your Lawn Aerated?

When an aerator is run over your lawn, it makes a bunch of little holes in the soil. This helps your turfgrass “breathe” by eliminating:

Compacted Soil – Soil can be compacted by too much walking on the grass, but most of the time, it is caused by poor soil quality.

Lawn Thatch –  Lawn thatch is dead grass that builds up between the grass above it and the root system. It prevents air, water and nutrient absorption and even creates the need for pest control. Excessive thatch can be caused by too much nitrogen or overwatering.

Aeration is Not a DIY Job

Core aeration, which removes cylinders of soil, is more effective than simply puncturing the soil. That is why it important to get lawn aeration services from a professional company like All Wet Lawn Care with proper equipment instead of borrowing an inexpensive aerator to do yourself.

Furthermore, All Wet Lawn Care takes special considerations in mind:

  • Avoiding damage to any irrigation systems.

  • Working during the correct conditions.

  • Overseeding immediately after aeration.

We not only take care of the convenience aspect but also make sure your aeration is done right.

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Choose All Wet Lawn Care For High Quality Aeration

For over 30 years, we have delivered professional outdoor services to the Northern NJ area. When you choose us, you are choosing an established reputation, as well as:

  • Friendly Aeration Experts – All of our thoroughly trained lawn care professionals are background-checked, licensed and certified.

  • The Green Guarantee – We’re so sure that you’ll love our services that we back all of them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Responsive Customer Service – We’re always accessible for free estimates, consultations and customer support.

Contact us today to ensure you get the aeration services you need in time for a healthy, flourishing yard this year.