Lawn Care Program for a Beautiful New Jersey Property

Good lawn care starts with an assessment of your lawn's individual needs.

A beautiful New Jersey lawn starts with a lawn care program, including fertilization, maintenance and pest control throughout the growing season. 

At All Wet Lawn Care, we start with the soil. If the ground is missing vital nutrients or its pH is too acidic, you’ll have a yard with thin grass and lots of weeds.

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Get the Lawn You Always Wanted with Our Lawn Care Program

When you hire us at All Wet, we take a sample of dirt for a soil test. A soil test will tell us whether your lawn is too acidic or if it lacks certain nutrients.

Your property’s soil type plays a big part in a healthy lawn. For example, New Jersey homeowners have clay soil, which has large air pockets. We, then, will apply soil amendments to make the soil more porous with smaller air pockets.

A soil test will tell us what nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous or potassium) are missing underground. Your property’s soil test results also determine how much of each nutrient the soil needs to grow healthy, dense grass.

All Wet’s Lawn Care Program

At All Wet, we design our lawn fertilization program to meet the needs of New Jersey lawns. 

For example, cool season grasses, such as Kentucky blue, fine fescue and ryegrass are the primary grasses that grow in New Jersey lawns. Our fertilizer blend meets the nutrient needs of these grass varieties.

We use slow release fertilizers so that your lawn gets nutrition over a few weeks rather than in one shot. Our lawn fertilization treatment includes the following nutrients:

  • Nitrogen is the primary nutrient that lawn grass needs. For example, when we apply nitrogen-rich fertilizer to your spring lawn, it’ll help with a quick green-up and grass growth.

    When we apply a nitrogen-based formula in the fall, it helps yard grass to recover from the summer’s heat stress and injury.

  • Phosphorus stimulates root growth, which is very important for lawn grass to find deeper moisture stores during a heatwave as well as over the winter. Phosphorus also helps with spring grass growth.

  • Potassium helps nitrogen to absorb better into the ground. Potassium also strengthens lawn grass to withstand cold, disease, heat, and drought stress by thickening the plant’s cell walls

All Wet’s lawn fertilizers are safe to use around your family and pets. You should wait until the fertilizer absorbs into the ground before sending your children and pets outside to play.

You’ll start to see results with a greener, denser lawn within one week of our lawn fertilization treatments.

Other Lawn Care Services We Provide

At All Wet, we provide other lawn services that improve the soil’s health and produce a healthy, dense lawn. Our lawn care services include

  • Core aeration – If your yard gets a lot of foot traffic over the summer or the ground feels hard when you walk on it, it could mean that your soil is compacted.

    Core aeration loosens up the soil so it can release carbon dioxide and receive oxygen by pulling up small plugs of soil. These soil plugs will absorb back into the ground as soon as you water your lawn, or it rains.

    Core aeration also reduces thatch, which is the layer between the grass line and the soil. Lawn grass can handle up to a half-inch of thatch. More than a half-inch of thatch leads to suffocating the turfgrass as well as harboring diseases and pests.

  • Overseeding – When we aerate your lawn in the fall, we’ll also overseed it. Overseeding places grass seed directly into the holes made by core aeration. This direct seed to soil contact helps the new grass to develop deep root systems before winter.

  • Power seeding – When we power seed your New Jersey property, our power seeder will slice the ground and place the seeds directly into the slits. Power seeding helps turfgrass grow deep root systems and turns more seed into grass resulting in less seed waste.

How All Wet’s Lawn Care Maintenance Contract Keeps Your New Jersey Lawn Healthy & Weed-Free

Join our lawn care program to save money and time. All Wet’s lawn care program features the following services:

  • Season-long lawn fertilization.

  • Crabgrass prevention.

  • Grub and insect controls.

We also provide the following additional lawn care services:

  • Lime treatments to balance soil pH.

  • Core aeration.

  • Overseeding.

The Green Guarantee

We want you to be happy with the lawn care services that we provide. So we set up the Green Guarantee to ensure you that we stand behind our work and our services.

We promise that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our lawn services and products, or you get your money back.

At All Wet, we provide you with our one-stop contract. We know that you’re busy, so we offer our irrigation and lawn services under one contract. You won’t need to hire more than one contractor to take care of your lawn care needs. 

When you combine your irrigation and lawn care packages, you’ll receive $25 lawn service savings.

Don’t waste another minute. Call us at 973-366-8754 or contact us online for a professional consultation from All Wet Lawn Care.

When used according to label directions, all general use lawn care products pose little to no risk to children and pets.

Speak to a lawn care professional about a treatment that will work for your needs: (973) 366-8754.

Generally speaking, it is safe to return to normal lawn use once the treatment has dried. Specific instructions will be left after each treatment.

Get an estimate from a lawn care company for safe fertilizer treatment: (973) 366-8754.

Cost can vary significantly depending on the level of services needed and the size of the lawn. Call today for a custom proposal: (973) 366-8754 or contact us  online.

Your lawn’s root system is active until the soil freezes, which in most cases is in mid to late December. Fertilizing in early to mid-November allows your lawn’s root system to continue to receive nutrients and prepare for the winter.

Get your fertilization in before mid-December by calling the lawn care experts at (973) 366-8754 or filling out an online form.