Lawn Care Services For a Greener, Healthier NJ Lawn

Good lawn care starts with an assessment of your lawn's individual needs.

Do you dream of looking out to your yard and seeing even, green grass and not having to worry about maintaining it? We can help. At All Wet Lawn Care, we offer easy solutions for anything you need to achieve that perfect, lush lawn–and keep it that way.

Get Any Lawn Service Your Yard Requires

Our lawn care services include:

  • Weed Control – When things like crabgrass and dandelion pop up, it can really hurt the beauty of your yard. We perform effective weed control with both preventative and reactive services.

  • Lawn Care – We’ll look after your soil for optimum lawn care and keep your lawn lush and green with a healthy deep root system. We also do regular fertilizer applications.

      • Early Spring application of balanced granular fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control.
      • Late Spring application of balanced granular fertilizer with broadleaf weed control.
      • Summer application of balanced granular fertilizer with spot treatment for weed control.
      • Early Fall application of balanced granular fertilizer with spot treatment for weed control.
      • Late Fall winter feeding – specially formulated fertilizer that promotes strong root development through the winter for early spring green up.
        • Grub control application included.

Optional: Power Aeration

Please call for additional information and pricing.

Aeration is an annual best practice you should adopt to maintain healthy soil and turf. It involves removing cores of grass and soil to allow water, air and nutrients to reach plant roots. Does your property need aeration? Then call to find out more at 973-366-8754.

  • Lawn Pest Control – Grubs are not only unsightly; they also can cause bad damage to your grass, making quickly spreading brown patches. When they mature into beetles, they continue feasting above-ground. We provide safe pest control services to eradicate grubs and other pests.

  • Maintenance Contracts – The best way to put your lawn worries out of sight is to sign up for a maintenance contract. This way, you won’t have to constantly worry about missing the right time to have lawn issues fixed.

We will also test your soil to determine what is needed for your lawn to thrive. Is the pH off? Does it need fertilizer? We can answer those questions and more.

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The Green Guarantee

There is more to choosing a lawn care company than a good range of quality services, although we certainly offer that at All Wet Irrigation.

The Green Guarantee from All Wet promises 100% satisfaction with our services and products or your money back, and if for some reason you are not satisfied, we will go above and beyond to make sure you are.

Customers can also take advantage of our one-stop service plans. Combine your Irrigation and Lawn Care Packages, and enjoy 25% savings on Lawn Care.

Choose All Wet Lawn Care For a Healthier Lawn

Our lawn services start with a consultation. What does your lawn need? We can ensure you get the proper service for any issue you may be having. From there, we’ll give you an estimate. Scheduling with us is easy. You won’t have to wait for a response!

Choose us for being:

  • An Experienced Business – We’ve been in business over 30 years.

  • Licensed & Insured – This is important to protect you.

  • Well-Reviewed – Check out our reviews for more details.

  • Friendly – We show you courtesy and consideration on the phone and in person.

Call us at 973-366-8754 or contact us online for a professional consultation from All Wet Lawn Care.

When used according to label directions, all general use lawn care products pose little to no risk to children and pets.

Speak to a lawn care professional about a treatment that will work for your needs: (973) 366-8754.

Generally speaking, it is safe to return to normal lawn use once the treatment has dried. Specific instructions will be left after each treatment.

Get an estimate from a lawn care company for safe fertilizer treatment: (973) 366-8754.

Cost can vary significantly depending on the level of services needed and the size of the lawn. Call today for a custom proposal: (973) 366-8754 or contact us  online.

Your lawn’s root system is active until the soil freezes, which in most cases is in mid to late December. Fertilizing in early to mid-November allows your lawn’s root system to continue to receive nutrients and prepare for the winter.

Get your fertilization in before mid-December by calling the lawn care experts at (973) 366-8754 or filling out an online form.