Care For Your NJ Lawn With the Services It Really Needs

It takes special care to get grass to grow how you want it to. And even if grass could grow overnight, it wouldn’t turn out well without making sure the soil is properly treated and cared for. When you rely on All Wet Lawn Care to help in Northern NJ, you can relax knowing that your soil will be properly tested before we make any recommendations.

Expert lawn care involves targeting the specific needs of your soil and grass.

A greener, thicker and healthier lawn is achievable with the lawn care specialists from All Wet Lawn Care.

Get Your Soil Tested, Assessed and Treated

Do you know what kind of soil you’re working with? You might know if you have excess clay or if your grass seems to need fertilizer. But we can test for more than just that and recommend the best solution.

  • pH Balancing & Lime Treatment – A lot of homeowners in this area struggle with overly acidic soil. We offer lime treatments to balance the pH.

  • Lawn Fertilization – The results of fertilization are always pretty impressive. If your soil lacks nutrients, you’ll notice a big difference after our fertilizer treatment.

  • AerationAeration is definitely a service you want to make sure to have, especially for lawns with a lot of thatch, clay or foot traffic.

  • Power Seeding & Overseeding – If your lawn is thin, it’s important to know what type of seeding your lawn requires.

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We will also test your soil to determine what is needed for your lawn to thrive. Is the pH off? Does it need fertilizer? We can answer those questions and more.

The Green Guarantee

There is more to choosing a lawn care company than a good range of quality services, although we certainly offer that at All Wet. You might wonder what the long-term effects of our services are and if you will be satisfied. With us, you don’t have to worry.

The Green Guarantee from All Wet promises 100% satisfaction with our services and products or your money back.

Choose All Wet Lawn Care For a Healthier Lawn

Our lawn services start with a consultation. What does your lawn need? We can ensure you get the proper service for any issue you may be having. From there, we’ll give you an estimate. Scheduling with us is easy. You won’t have to wait for a response!

Choose us for being:

  • An Experienced Business – We’ve been in business over 30 years.

  • Licensed & Insured – This is important to protect you.

  • Well-Reviewed – Check out our reviews for more details.

  • Friendly – We show you courtesy and consideration on the phone and in person.

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Get the All Wet Lawn Care difference:

  • The Green Guarantee – Like your lawn results or get your money back.

  • Experts Who Care – Our background checked, licensed lawn care specialists are always happy to hear from you.

  • Safe Methods – All of our treatments are safe for your pets and family to be around. During application, we make sure to go over any special protocol for letting treatments set.

Call us at 973-366-8754 and speak to one of our lawn care specialists today about a free quote and a lawn consultation.