Have a Greener Lawn With Sprinkler & Irrigation Services

Taking care of your residential or commercial landscape is simple with the right irrigation services. All Wet provides many ways to keep your grass green, thick and to your liking. We’ve got services to keep you within local regulations, ones to improve convenience and more.

We’ve got the Essentials For Your Current System

Let us design, install and/or maintain your irrigation system, and enjoy trouble-free season after trouble-free season.

Irrigation Service & Repair – Even the best systems go wrong at some point and require service or repair.

Inspection & Adjustment – Regular inspections can catch problems waiting to occur.

Backflow Services – According to city regulations in NJ, you must have a certified backflow device to prevent water contamination. Backflow devices also need regular inspections to keep you code-compliant.

Irrigation Installation – We can design and install a new irrigation system for you depending on your preferences and the needs of your lawn.

These services will take care of your basics, but we also offer additional services that could make the difference for your irrigation system.

Get Options For Irrigation Additions

If you’re enjoying your irrigation system, why not make the experience even better? We offer ways to save water and irrigate additional areas of your property.

Water-Saving Systems – You will be able to water your lawn as much as you need to without wasting too much with a water-saving system.

Garden Irrigation – Watering by hand for all of your plants is no longer necessary with garden irrigation.

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Choose the Company That Cares About Your Lawn

All of the services offered by All Wet Irrigation are intended to achieve the ultimate goal of a better looking, healthier yard while providing any additional needs.