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LED Lighting

Efficient, Striking Lighting For Your Residential Or Commercial Property

Looking to give your home a spectacular makeover, but concerned about the ensuing rise in energy cost? You can save yourself money, reduce your carbon footprint and bathe your home in beautiful light with an outdoor LED lighting package.

Energy efficient, durable and bright, LED lights offer more flexibility and more benefits than traditional light bulbs. All Wet Irrigation & Lighting can help you design an impactful and memorable lighting scheme that will fill you with wonder and excitement every time you come home.

The Benefits LED Lighting For Exterior Illumination

As some of the newest lighting technology available, LED lighting carries with it a number of benefits that go beyond traditional bulbs:

  • No Heat Generation - LEDs do not generate heat the way incandescent bulbs do, making them a safer alternative.
  • Enhanced Lifespan - LEDS can last up to 40 times longer than a regular incandescent bulb and at least two to four times longer than a fluorescent bulb.
  • Efficient - LEDs use power much more efficiently than regular bulbs, minimizing the amount of energy it takes to run them. You can expect anywhere from a 60-90% reduction in energy use by your lighting when you replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs.
  • Perfect For Outdoors - Because of their low voltage operation, LED bulbs are better suited to operating outdoors.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Since they're so efficient, LEDs have a much smaller impact on the environment, lowering your overall carbon footprint.

What Can Outdoor LED Lighting Do For My Home?

Here are just some of the applications for LED lighting at your home:

  • Deck & Patio Lighting
  • Outdoor Accent Lighting
  • Arbor Lighting
  • Entry Lighting
  • Step Lighting
  • Walkway/Path Lighting

All Wet Irrigation & Lighting Has Commercial LED Lighting Solutions For Your Business

Our trained experts don't just light up residential spaces; we can also design a memorable lighting plan for your commercial property. Unlike residential lighting which is primarily concerned with creating a specific "look" for your home, commercial lighting is meant to be more task-oriented, providing the right type of lighting for the type of work being done. The directionality of LED lighting, the flexibility and the energy savings that come with them are perfect for any business looking to upgrade their lighting.

Tired of high energy bills? Retrofitting your workspace with LED lighting instead of fluorescent or incandescent bulbs will not only save you a ton on your monthly power usage, but also create a more inviting, functional and comfortable environment for your employees.

Northern New Jersey's Best Choice For Residential & Commercial LED Lighting

All Wet Irrigation & Lighting can finish most lighting jobs in just one day, completed by crews that are highly-trained, courteous and, above all, professional. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you know we'll stand by all the work that we do. If you're ready to find out more about adding LED lighting or retrofitting your current lighting, send us a message online or call 973.366.8754 today!

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