Choose pH Balancing & Lime Treatment to Treat Alkaline Soil

Do plants such as crabgrass and moss tend to overtake your yard if you don’t maintain it? Have you done everything for your lawn and are still not seeing results? Do you notice a lot of patches of yellowed grass? These are all signs of acidic soil.

Lime treatment for your soil can make even the most acidic soils more hospitable for turfgrass.

If this is something you are dealing with, All Wet Lawn Care can help with a pH balancing lime treatment for your soil. Grass grows best in slightly acidic soil–not too acidic. Most soils in Northern NJ are on the acidic side, so chances are, you will benefit from a lime treatment to increase the alkalinity.

How Our Lime Treatment Can Help You

The pH of your soil is important for the health of your lawn. This is because your grass cannot absorb the nutrients it needs at an improper pH. Ground limestone is a natural way to help balance this.

You should only really need a lime treatment once every three to five years. Lime is pretty slow-moving in soil. So after we treat your yard, you’re good to go for quite some time!

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Lime Safety

As a natural mineral, lime is very safe for your yard. However, like any lawn treatment, precautions should be made for the safety of your family. Because of the high alkalinity, it should be applied with care and only walked over after it is settled. It is non-toxic, so in the event wildlife or pets consume the lime, it will only cause irritation.

The experts at All Wet Lawn Care are trained to execute every lawn care service in the safest ways possible.

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