Lime Treatment for Acidic Lawns

Did you know that moss growing in your New Jersey lawn or an overabundance of crabgrass indicates that the soil may be acidic?

Lawn grass grows best in slightly acidic soil (pH 6.0 – 7.0). Since soils in New Jersey tend to be more acidic, it’s a good chance that your lawn needs a lime treatment. 

Turfgrass can’t grow in pH that’s below 6.0. Lime is an alkaline substance, making it an excellent soil conditioner to raise acidic soil’s pH into the 6.0 – 7.0 levels. A lime treatment for your New Jersey lawn will increase its health and beauty.

Lime treatment for your soil can make even the most acidic soils more hospitable for turfgrass.

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Lime Treatment Balances the Soil for Healthy Grass to Grow

Ground limestone improves the soil to make it slightly acidic. As lime absorbs into the ground, you’ll notice your lawn becoming greener as well as a reduction in crabgrass and moss.

Limestone not only balances the soil’s pH, but it also helps the soil to absorb nutrients more efficiently. You can count on your lawn needing lime treatments every three to five years since lime stays in the soil for a long time.

Is Lime Toxic?

Fortunately, lime isn’t a toxic substance. However, if your pets ingest any lime, it’ll cause internal irritation and require a call to your veterinarian. You can protect your children and pets by waiting until the lime settles into the ground before sending them out to play.

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