Steps to a healthy and weed-free lawn

Lawn Care Program Maintenance Contract

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Get the greenest lawn with our full season lawn care program.  With All Wet’s lawn care program, we provide your lawn with what it needs to be healthy and weed free. We use the best products that are equipped with slow-release fertilizers, so your lawn is gradually being fed every day until the next scheduled visit.  We will also provide you with tips on how to improve your lawn.

Our dandelion and crabgrass control tackles the most stubborn plants.

Our program includes:

  • Season-long fertilization – Promotes a thick, healthy, green lawn. Stimulates new growth and color.  Provides summer fertility, and helps the lawn recover from stress.

  • Crabgrass prevention – Provides a barrier against the emergence of new weeds.

  • Grub & Insect control – Protect your lawn from grub damage and grass-feeding insects.

Additional services:

  • PH Balancing & Lime – This helps balance the pH level and creates optimal growing conditions for your grass.

  • Aeration – This will break up soil compaction & thatch layer, improve oxygen content, stimulate root growth, enhance soil water uptake, and reduce water runoff.

  • Overseeding – This will repair, strengthen and revitalize your lawn.

We take pride in our results, and are backed by our Green lawn Guarantee.  With our Green Lawn Guarantee you risk nothing.  We’re not happy until you are, and guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you have any questions or are unsatisfied with your service, simply call our office and we will be happy to remedy the problem.

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Why us/What sets us apart from other companies:

  • Certified Licensed Professional

  • Reputation – 5 Star rated company

  • Green Lawn guarantee – satisfaction guaranteed

  • We provide quality and value

  • Passionate and enjoy what we do

  • Effective communication with outstanding customer service

  • Accountable, empowered, collaborative, flexible

  • Saves you time

Don’t waste any more time worrying about your lawn.  It just takes one phone call to start your service. Start your All Wet lawn plan today!