If you are a weekend warrior who enjoys the challenge of a DIY home improvement project, then you are in good company! Armed with how-to advice from the internet, more and more people are attempting projects and reaping the satisfying rewards of a job well done. However, if there is an outdoor lighting project on your to-do list for the weekend, then call the professionals instead of going it alone!

Outdoor lighting brings electrical power into the outdoors, and we all know that electricity and water don’t mix! Make safety your number 1 priority, and call in a licensed lighting professional, preferably one who specializes in outdoor lighting for this project.

Here are some of the dangers that you will avoid by hiring a professional:

For Outdoor Lighting, Don’t DIY, Do It Together

While you may have successfully completed many other rewarding DIY projects, in the case of outdoor light fixture installation, it is better to avoid DIY and safely DIT – Do It Together. The experts at All Wet Irrigation & Lighting are outdoor lighting specialists. We know you have ideas how you want your lighting to look, and what you want to accomplish. We work with you to help you choose fixtures and locations that work for your situation. We provide expert guidance to help you consider all aspects of outdoor lighting, including your home’s architecture, landscape design, your outdoor lighting purpose, and energy efficiency. With safety as the number one priority, we provide a professional installation to ensure that your outdoor lighting project is completed to your satisfaction and ready for nighttime enjoyment!

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Review our landscape lighting page for more information on All Wet Irrigation & Lighting’s outdoor lighting services, or to speak to a licensed professional about your outdoor lighting project, contact us.