Sprinkler Zone Systems in Northern NJ

Perhaps the most important step in designing an irrigation system is making sure that all of your outdoor areas are receiving the correct amount of hydration. Different areas of your landscape have different watering needs, and you need to be able to irrigate them separately to avoid drowning or drying out plants. 

Some of the biggest mistakes made by amateur installations:

  • Oversaturation of lawn & plants
  • Failure to compensate for shaded areas
  • Neglected plants
  • Failure to meet the needs of different types of plants
  • Incorrect nozzles & spray patterns for specific areas

A sprinkler zone system designed and installed by All Wet Irrigation & Lighting will consider your climate, layout and plant needs to help you to get the most out of your irrigation system and ensure a long, healthy life for your lawn or landscaping.

The Right Sprinkler Zone System for You

There are many things to contemplate when considering a sprinkler zone for your home, business or outdoor area. When you have a spray zone system installed by All Wet, you’ll experience the benefits of:

  • Increased water efficiency & savings
  • A system custom-tailored to your area’s irrigation needs
  • A longer life for your pipes and equipment
To request a no-charge estimate on a new or upgraded spray zone irrigation system, contact us or call 973-366-8754 today.