Get Rid of Unsightly Weeds With Professional NJ Services

When you walk past your lawn and notice an unattractive, intrusive plant in your grass, you can bet it’s not the only one. There is usually a whole network underground, and just plucking them when you see them won’t help.

Weed control is possible with the right team on the job.

Battling weeds can be difficult if you’re on your own. That’s why All Wet Lawn Care is here to treat your lawn to not only eliminate existing weeds but make sure they never get the chance to grow in the first place.

We Begin With a Thorough Assessment

Every yard is different. Although our lawn care experts have examined yards all over New Jersey, there are hundreds of different weed species that could be invading any one yard. The condition of your yard is also important before we recommend a solution. This is so that we safely treat it.

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Types of Weeds You Might Be Battling

We can eliminate and prevent all types of weeds. While there are many, these are the common ones:

Crabgrass – Crabgrass, goosegrass, yellow foxtail and other grassy plants love all the same treatment that your lawn wants. These unwelcome relatives can grow at different rates and make your yard look uneven and just plain ugly.

Dandelions – These are a little more difficult to eradicate than crabgrass. In fact, they are usually the hardest weed to get rid of. That’s why prevention is key. However, our methods can get rid of even the toughest dandelion invasion and prevent it from happening again.

Clovers – Getting rid of clovers is easier with a healthy, dense lawn that can prevent new growth

Chickweed – So called because it is a popular snack among chickens, chickweed has unattractive small, white flowers on tangles of stems. You can say goodbye to these plants with All Wet Lawn Care.

When we prevent weeds and treat your lawn for current invasions, we take care to preserve the health of your lawn. None of our weed treatments will harm your grass, your family or you.

A Weed-Free Yard is Possible When You Call All Wet

We’re Northern NJ’s trusted choice for weed control. Reach a friendly lawn care expert at (973) 366-8754 for a consultation.